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English Girls Names

1126 to 1200 of 2328 matches
Name Gender Meaning Origin
Jeannie God is gracious Scottish
Jelissa honey-sap Greek
Jema precious stone Italian
Jemma precious stone Italian
Jen white and smooth English
Jena well born English
Jenelle white and smooth English
Jenessa white and smooth English
Jenifer white and smooth French
Jenn white and smooth English
Jenna white and smooth English
Jenni white and smooth English
Jennica white and smooth English
Jennie white and smooth English
Jennifer white wave; elf; glamorous English
Jenny maiden; girl; elf; glamorous English
Jeri spear ruler English
Jerri spear ruler English
Jerry spear ruler English
Jessi one who looks out; God is gracious English
Jessica one who looks out; God is gracious English
Jessie gift of God; one who looks out; God is gracious English
Jessika one who looks out; God is gracious English
Jetta jet English
Jewel jewel English
Jewell jewel English
Jill maiden; sweetheart Latin
Jinny maiden English
Jo divine grace English
Joan gift of God English
Joann gift of God English
Joanna gift of God English
Joanne gift of God French
Jocein joy; happy English
Jocelyn joy; happy English
Jodene Jewess; praise English
Jodie Jewess; praise; genteel English
Jody Jewess; praise English
Joelle Jehovah is God English
Johna gift of God English
Johnna gift of God English
Johnnie gift of God English
Joi joy; happy English
Jojo God is gracious English
Joleen pretty English
Jolena God will add English
Jolene God will add English
Jolinda God will add English
Joline God will add English
Joni God is gracious English
Jonna God is gracious English
Jordan flowing down Greek
Jordana flowing down English
Jorie pearl English
Josepha God will add; fertile; produtive English
Josephine God will add; fertile; produtive French
Josette fertile; produtive French
Josie God will add English
Joslyn joy; happy English
Joy joy; happy English
Joyce delight; happy French
Joycelyn bringer of joy English
Joycelynn bringer of joy English
Judi Jewess; praise English
Judie Jewess; praise English
Judith Jewess; praise; modest Hebrew
Judy Jewess; praise English
Jules descended from Jupiter Latin
Juli descended from Jupiter French
Julia soft hair; young Latin
Juliana soft hair; young Latin
Julianna soft hair; young Latin
Julianne soft hair; young Latin
Julie soft hair; young; gentle and mild Latin
Juliet soft hair; young French