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Anglo-Saxon Boys Names

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Name Gender Meaning Origin
Colby from the dark village Anglo-Saxon
Deman judge Anglo-Saxon
Denisc from Denmark Anglo-Saxon
Deogol secret Anglo-Saxon
Derian harm Anglo-Saxon
Desmond gracious defender Anglo-Saxon
Dreng mighty warrior; brave Anglo-Saxon
Drew wise Anglo-Saxon
Druce son of Drew Anglo-Saxon
Durwin dear friend Anglo-Saxon
Durwyn dear friend Anglo-Saxon
Eadgard lucky spearman Anglo-Saxon
Eadig blessed Anglo-Saxon
Eadlyn wealthy friend Anglo-Saxon
Eadmund guardian of prosperity English
Eadward guardian of prosperity Anglo-Saxon
Eadweard guardian of prosperity Anglo-Saxon
Eadwine wealthy friend Anglo-Saxon
Ealdian long-life Anglo-Saxon
Eamon wealthy defender Anglo-Saxon
Earh coward Anglo-Saxon
Earl chief Anglo-Saxon
Earle chief Anglo-Saxon
Eddison Ed's son Anglo-Saxon
Edgar lucky spearman Anglo-Saxon
Edgard lucky spearman Anglo-Saxon
Edlin wealthy friend Anglo-Saxon
Edlyn wealthy friend Anglo-Saxon
Edmond wealthy defender Anglo-Saxon
Edmund wealthy defender Anglo-Saxon
Edred king Anglo-Saxon
Edric wealthy ruler Anglo-Saxon
Edson Ed's don Anglo-Saxon
Edward guardian of prosperity Anglo-Saxon
Egesa one who creates terror Anglo-Saxon
Egeslic one who creates terror Anglo-Saxon
Eldred wise advisor Anglo-Saxon
Eldwin wise advisor Anglo-Saxon
Eldwyn wise advisor Anglo-Saxon
Ellen courage Anglo-Saxon
Elmer noble Anglo-Saxon
Elne courage Anglo-Saxon
Eoforwine boar friend Anglo-Saxon
Eorl chief Anglo-Saxon
Fairfax blond Anglo-Saxon
Faran advances Anglo-Saxon
Farmon traveler Anglo-Saxon
Firman traveler Anglo-Saxon
Freeman free man Anglo-Saxon
Fugol bird Anglo-Saxon
Fyren wicked Anglo-Saxon
Galan sings Anglo-Saxon
Gar spear Anglo-Saxon
Garberend spear bearer Anglo-Saxon
Gareth strong spear Anglo-Saxon
Garr spear Anglo-Saxon
Garrett strong spear Anglo-Saxon
Geoff gift from God Anglo-Saxon
Geoffrey gift from God Anglo-Saxon
Gifre greedy Anglo-Saxon
Godric power of God Anglo-Saxon
Godwin friend of God Anglo-Saxon
Godwine friend of God Anglo-Saxon
Graham warring Anglo-Saxon
Grahem warring Anglo-Saxon
Gremian one who enrages others Anglo-Saxon
Grimm fierce; dark Anglo-Saxon
Grimme fierce; dark Anglo-Saxon
Grindan sharp Anglo-Saxon
Halig holy one Anglo-Saxon
Halwende lonely Anglo-Saxon
Heolstor darkness Anglo-Saxon
Heorot deer Anglo-Saxon
Hererinc hero Anglo-Saxon
Heretoga commander Anglo-Saxon
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